I"m a forth generation Prune Picker, a former working cowboy, a recovering Papist and environmental pagan. A camper, a trail rider and a Christian Patriot. A jack of all trades, and master of none.
A horseback writer, arm-chair general and a news-a-holic.


This cowboy is euro-centric because the cream always rises to the top. Politacal correctness is intellectually challanged and downright stupid. I'm the smartest Anthropologist in the world. Because I was created in the image of God, I didn't "evolve" from no monkey slime. Joe McCarthy was right. I"m a card carrying member of the John Birtch Society. Logic is circular, it revolved around one's core beliefs. One's worldview. Mine are Biblical, which is superior to all the others. After all, the cream rises to the top.